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Chelsea Hill

6 years RE Experience

Chelsea Hill is a Project Manager with Kanady Team at Compass, in Los Gatos, California. She has worked in real estate for 4 years and has 6 years in the customer service industry. She has her Associate's Degree in Arts, and her real estate license. Chelsea takes pride in her ability to multitask, organize, design, communicate, and lead. Mastering a skill and problem solving, are just some of her favorite challenges. She offers various creative talents in marketing, home aesthetics, as well as develops the group's internal working system.

Chelsea’s integral role is to support and manage the group’s everyday needs while streamlining the often complicated transaction process. If you have any questions, she is the direct point of contact for clients and vendors. Chelsea works remotely for the team in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Her team spirit and overachiever attitude, play an important part in the group’s success. Outside of her career, Chelsea enjoys cooking, hiking, classic movies/music, and traveling.

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